Cazenovia Leadership Conference

Summer Leadership Conference at Cazenovia College July 2017

April Biggs, Colleen Biavati, Karen Martin, Charlotte Sorger, Sylvia Miller, Suzanne Young – Mercer, and Bach Tuyet Pham all attended the Leadership Conference this year!

They unanimously agree that every single one of the workshops was excellent and they valued the opportunity they had for fellowship and to get to know each other better.

Summer Leadership Conference at Cazenovia College July 2016

 Several members from our branch attended the conference this year. The attendees were:  Sandy Blasy, Karen Martin, Charlotte Sorger. Sylvia Miller, Suzanne Young Mercer, and Bach Tuyet Pham.

Passions, efforts, accomplishments, and inspiration were the takeaway from this event attended by several of our Rockland members this summer. One speaker discussed “Hot Topics on College Campuses” including how women could have more success at STEM, and sexual assault and violence. Another presentation discussed “Start Smart” and Work Smart” – a detailed series of steps to help negotiate salaries for college students and those already in theworkplace. The Poughkeepsie branch monitors family court to gather information on domestic violence. There were specific meetings to help inform branch office holders such as program chair and membership. An extensive power point presentation was given regarding the funds within AAUW supported programs that give grants and support for a myriad of activities which we might consider in our branch. We all came away with lots of new ideas and enthusiasm to face the new year of AAUW Rockland.   Charlotte Sorger

Cazenovia Summer Conference July 2015 Caz 2015 group picture

This past July five of our Rockland AAUW members attended the summer leadership conference at Cazenovia College in Cazenovia, New York (located near Syracuse, NY).  The five attendees were:  Sandy Blasy, Karen Martin, Sandy Masiello, Suzanne Young Mercer, and Bach Tuyet Pham.  The theme of this summer’s meeting was:  “Connecting AAUW’s Mission at the Branch Level to Local Communities”.  On Friday evening, we were introduced to the officers of the AAUW state board and Kimberly Pollard, the AAUW Regional Field Representative gave the keynote address.  Saturday’s talks centered on the topic of “Living the Mission-Preparing Branches to Better Connect Activities to Community Needs”.  On Sunday, counterpart sessions were held for presidents, program, membership, and fundraising.  It was a wonderful opportunity to meet members from other branches and share our thoughts, ideas, and projects.  A good time was had by all. Sandy Masiello